Center for van der Waals Quantum Solids


Publication - Nature Communications (2022. 11. 4)

"Gate-tunable quantum pathways of high harmonic generation in graphene"

Soonyoung Cha†, Minjeong Kim†, Youngjae Kim†, ..., JaeDong Lee*, Moon-Ho Jo*, and Jonghwan Kim*(† Equal contributors) (* co-Corresponding Authors)

New Member

Professor Jong-Hoon Kang has joined our IBS center. Welcome!

IBS Center for van der Waals Quantum Solids (2022. 2. 11)

Our lab has launched new IBS research center (IBS-VdWQS).

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Jong Yun Choi and Yeon Jeong Jang joined our group as master students. Welcome!

Publication - Nature Nanotechnology (2021. 7. 15)

"Heteroepitaxial van der Waals semiconductor superlattices"

Gangtae Jin†, Chang-Soo Lee†, ..., and Moon-Ho Jo († Equal contributors)